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Birds may seem like cute and innocent flying creatures, but they can cause substantial damage to properties in Kensington.


In fact, many property owners have to deal with feral pigeons and gulls nesting on their rooftops, garages, and other vulnerable areas.

When you have too many birds residing on your property, they will likely damage your rooftops and electrical equipment. Their nests could also clog your gutters and cause flooding on your property too.

Don’t wait until birds have overtaken your property. Contact our bird control specialists in Kensington right away. Van Vynck employs a professional and dedicated team of bird control specialists with advanced knowledge and equipment for removing birds from properties and preventing them from nesting again.

Van Vynck is fully compliant with all the local and national pest control laws involving bird control. Our bird control techniques don’t require us to harm or kill any birds because that would be inhumane and against the law. Instead, we have created non-harmful procedures to deter birds from nesting on properties.

Our bird control installations consist of impactful and cost-effective physical deterrents meant to interfere with the behavioural and breeding patterns of the birds around your property. That way, the birds will feel encouraged to stop nesting on your property and fly somewhere else to nest.

Van Vynck offers free site surveys to all new customers in Kensington. The survey will allow us to evaluate the severity and vulnerability of bird infestations on your property. Then we can come up with an affordable price estimate for our bird control services.

Call us at 0808 501 5842 to learn more.

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