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Bird control services are becoming vitally important for property owners in Islington.


Feral pigeons, gulls, and other annoying birds can cause many problems for property owners if not controlled promptly. They have the potential to damage electrical equipment, damage rooftops, clog cutters, and spread fouling to various areas of a property. All of these actions could potentially cause thousands of pounds in damages.

If you want to ensure your property does not become victimized by birds, you need to hire our bird control specialists in Islington immediately. Van Vynck has a special bird control department made up of pest control technicians who have the knowledge and training to deter birds from nesting on properties.

We have a wide variety of physical deterrents designed to disrupt the behavioural patterns of birds. One of our most effective deterrents is our falconry programme, where we use predatory flying birds to deter the gulls and pigeons away from properties. The pest birds will want to find a different place to nest after the predatory birds interrupt their regular testing routine.

Van Vynck offers several effective bird control solutions for property owners in Islington. Aside from our proofing and specialist cleaning services, we also provide fully integrated bird management programmes. We recommend you take advantage of our bird management programmes because they will allow us to continue monitoring your property and ensuring it stays bird-free.

Are you ready to schedule your appointment for a free site survey and consultation regarding our bird control services in Islington? If so, you can reach us at 0808 501 5842 to start the process.

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