Rat & Rodent Control Croydon

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Rats love to inhabit warm environments to build a nest and search for food.


For this reason, they love to reside near dumpsters and buildings with small crevices in them. If they get access to the inside of your home or business, it could potentially lead to a rodent infestation problem. Then you could suffer extensive property damage and possibly contract a hazardous disease like Salmonella or Leptospirosis.

Van Vynck can utilise a comprehensive rodent control program to remove all the rats and mice from your property and ensure they don’t return. The program consists of ongoing baiting and maintenance techniques to target rodents where they reside and prevent them from returning.

You can never be too careful where rodents are concerned. They have sharp enough teeth to chew through electrical wiring and wood bricks. If you don’t catch them fast enough, they could cause expensive damage to your property and risk the health of everyone on it.

Therefore, it is best to take control of your property by doing everything possible to make it rodent-free. Van Vynck has been assisting local customers with their rodent infestation problems for more than 25 years. We implement safe and environmentally friendly solutions for eliminating and preventing rodent infestations. As a result, there is no risk to any property or people.

Free site surveys are available to all homeowners and business owners in Croydon. You can schedule an appointment for a professional pest control technician to visit your property by calling us at 0808 501 5604.

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