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Do you see rats on your property in Barnet?


Don’t take any chances with rats and rodents because they can damage your property and spread disease.

Colder weather prompts rats to search for a warm place to live and breed. If they see small cracks or crevices in the wood siding of your home or business, they will sneak into your property through these openings to search for food and create a nest for their young.

Rats could potentially cost property owners hundreds of pounds in damages by chewing on their water pipes, gas pipes, and electrical wiring. In addition, the health risks from getting infected with Leptospirosis and Salmonella can be severe.

Fortunately, you can take the appropriate steps to prevent this from happening right now. Van Vynck is a licenced rat and rodent control company in Barnet. We have more than two decades of experience removing rodents from domestic and commercial properties and preventing reinfestations on them too.

It is crucial to consider the risk of reinfestation. Once we eliminate your rat infestation problem, it could come back again if certain traps and barriers are not installed. Our technicians can use intensive baiting and recurring maintenance programs to ensure that rat infestations are never again a problem.

Van Vynck can serve domestic and commercial properties in Barnet. We have the knowledge, tools, training, and experience to do a thorough rodent control job. Our rodent control program uses four-week intervals to inspect properties and verify they are rat-free. That way, there is very little chance of getting surprised by an infestation.

If you would like to schedule a free site survey or ask questions about our rodent control services, you can call us at 0808 501 5604.

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