Rats & Rodent Control Tower Hamlets

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Rat infestations are unsafe and destructive for a commercial or residential property owner in Tower Hamlets.


Since rats carry and spread serious diseases, such as Leptospirosis and Salmonella, you don’t want to risk getting infected. Rat bites and faeces are both capable of spreading the disease.

Rats can also damage the exterior or interior of your home or building. This is because they love to chew and gnaw on common building materials, including wood bricks, plastic, and electrical wiring. If you don’t stop the rats in time, they could cause hundreds or even thousands of pounds in damages.

Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact Van Vynck for assistance. Our technicians have over 30 years of experience removing rats safely and securely. We use rodent control solutions that pose no threat to people or pets. Once the rats are eliminated, we’ll recommend effective ways to prevent them from returning to your property.

The most effective way is an ongoing rodent control program, where we visit your property every four weeks to ensure it remains rodent-free. Because of this, we won’t have to use pesticides or dangerous chemicals to remove the rodents. Instead, regular checkups allow us to take care of them safely.

Rat infestations are certainly a growing problem in Tower Hamlets. Rats strive to find a warm environment with food and water nearby. That is why you must take rodent control seriously before your rat infestation problem grows too severe.

Contact us for a free site survey today at 0808 501 5842. We’ll ensure your property gets restored to a healthy and safe environment again.

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