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It won’t take you long to notice rats on your property. These are unattractive rodents that spread disease and destruction in their path.


They love to gnaw on almost any material in their direction, such as plastic, electrical wiring, and wood bricks.

Unfortunately, this can form small crevices and holes in your home or building. Rats like to inhabit these smaller discrete areas because they are the perfect places to breed. Not only that, but they also have easy access to warmth, food, and water as well.

Rat infestations are more severe during the colder winter months of the year. If you’re not prepared for them, it could become devastating for your property and everyone in it. Rats can inflict damage upon your physical structure and risk making people sick. That is why you must call a professional pest control company to control the problem immediately.

Van Vynck has been eliminating rats and rodents from properties in Bromley for over 30 years. Our advanced rodent control program requires regular visits from our team in four-week intervals. Even though this goes way past the industry norm, we believe in taking rodent control extra seriously. It is the only way to ensure your property remains healthy and rodent-free.

The rodent control process starts with a free site survey to evaluate the severity of the rat infestation problem. After that, we’ll create a bespoke rodent control plan to eliminate these rats and prevent them from returning. This service is available to both commercial and residential property owners in Bromley.

If you want more information on our rat and rodent control services, you can contact our customer support team at 0808 501 5842.

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