Rat & Rodent Removal Newham

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Rats are probably the most noticeable pests you could find on a property in Newham.


These rodents are attracted to any location which has plenty of water, food, and warm temperatures.

Since Newham has many cold and rainy months during the winter, it is no wonder why rodent infestations are common problems for property owners there. Homes and businesses provide everything that rodents need to survive during these brutal months. Rodent infestations are even more common in restaurants and warehouses too.

Don’t wait for rodents to strike your Newham property. Instead, contact the professional pest control technicians of Van Vynck to help prevent and eliminate any rat and rodent problem on your property.

When we arrive at your property, we’ll conduct a free site survey to determine the extent of your rat infestation problem. After that, you can hire us to eliminate or prevent the rat infestation problem in the most cost-effective way possible. An active infestation will require us to treat your property every four weeks to ensure your environment remains rodent-free.

Don’t wait too long to deal with your rodent problem. Rats tend to chew on electrical wiring, gas pipes, water pipes and spread disease on a property. Not only will this cost you money in damages, but it could put you and other people’s health at risk too. For this reason, you need to remove the threat as soon as possible.

Van Vynck serves homeowners and business owners in Newham.

Would you like to schedule a free site survey for rodents? Call our team at 0808 501 5842 to begin the process.

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