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Rats, birds, and insects are annoying pests.

They can cause devastation to the health and safety of your property in Kensington. One of the ways they can devastate your property is by bringing disease to it. Rats and birds are known for carrying diseases that are transmissible to humans. So if you don’t take care of a rat or bird infestation problem immediately, then people’s health could be at risk.

Van Vynck is one of the leading pest control companies in Kensington. We have spent over two decades assisting residential and commercial property owners with their pest problems. You can trust our pest control technicians to remove all existing pests from your property swiftly and professionally. In addition, we can implement advanced pest control techniques to ensure that pests never infest your property ever again.

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We are committed to delivering the very best service possible to our customers in Kensington. Van Vynck is an ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certified company, which means we uphold an international set of health and safety standards. Our services don’t involve using toxic chemicals or other elements that could hurt the environment or its people. Health and safety are always prioritised.

Pest control is an essential service for every property owner in Kensington. Even if you don’t have a pest infestation problem right now, it doesn’t mean you won’t have one in the future. Our pest control services can ensure that you never have to deal with a pest infestation problem. All you have to do is schedule an appointment for a free site survey from our team.

Contact us at 0808 168 9447 to get started.


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