What is integrated pest management?

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Integrated pest management is an organised pest control procedure for eliminating pests and keeping the environment safe for the people in it.


You can apply an integrated pest management system to any property type, such as a commercial, residential or agricultural property. It doesn’t matter if it’s in an urban or rural setting either.

The core principles of integrated pest management are to prevent and monitor the risk of pest infestations. It requires a series of strategies to manage pest control in attics, kitchens, and other common areas where pests love to reside and nest.

Furthermore, the pest control strategies and procedures must not negatively impact the environment or risk people’s health. In other words, you cannot use toxic or hazardous chemicals to eliminate or prevent pests. Instead, non-hazardous pest control methods have to be implemented.

Here are the four main control strategies associated with integrated pest management.

1) Biological Strategies

The biological strategy is controlling pests by using their natural predators to eliminate them. It could include the use of insect pathogens or parasites to eradicate the pests.

Please monitor this carefully to prevent the natural predators from becoming pests too.

2) Cultural Strategies

The cultural strategy is managing the natural sources of your environment that attract pests, such as food and water. For example, you could reduce the irrigation of your plants outside and eliminate food and water exposure.

3) Physical Strategies

The physical strategy is setting traps to eliminate and prevent pests from infesting your property. For example, you could create barriers around your home and set poison traps within the home.

4) Chemical Strategies

The chemical strategy is using pest control sprays and other liquid-based pest deterrents. Just make sure you use environmentally friendly pesticides with little to no toxic chemicals in them.

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