Cold-weather pests to be on the lookout for this winter

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Human beings love to create warm environments in their homes during the cold winter months.

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You might use a fireplace, gas heater or HVAC system to generate heat and stay warm.

However, humans are not the only ones who are attracted to warm environments. Several different types of pests will also want to hide in your home and enjoy the warmth too.

You must be ready for these pests before they accumulate their numbers inside your home. Otherwise, they will create an unpleasant and unhealthy environment where no human being should reside.

Below are the top 4 cold-weather pests to look out for this winter.

1) Rats

Rats have been a growing problem in the United Kingdom for a long time now. They look for warmth, food and water wherever they can.

Basements and attics are often safe havens for rats during the winter because they provide warmth and sometimes even food and water too.

2) Mice

Mice are similar to rats because they are both attracted to similar environments and both spread diseases. If your building or structure has any damaged areas, it can make it so much easier for mice to infiltrate your home in the winter.

3) Birds

Birds want to find a place to nest and hibernate for the winter. An attic or crawlspace are the perfect locations for them to do this in. You must check these areas regularly to avoid a bird infestation.

4) Ants and Cockroaches

Smaller crawling bugs like ants and cockroaches will start to reveal themselves more in the winter. You may see them in your kitchen and bathroom a lot because of the food and water access available.

Call a Pest Control Professional

Van Vynck is a professional bird and pest control company. If you notice any of these cold-weather pests in your home during the winter, call our team of pest control professionals to eliminate them for you. Our number is 0808 501 5604.

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