Why it is Essential for Warehouses to have a Pest Control Program

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Warehouses are notorious for harbouring a variety of pests, and as many are thousands of square metres in size, detection can be a problem.


It is, therefore, vital that you have an effective pest control program in place. Mice, rats and cockroaches pose the most common issues; with warehouses naturally having safe hiding and nesting places, early detection can be challenging, so where possible, the focus should be on prevention.

Implementing a pest control program will inevitably mean that you need to employ a company that specialises in controlling pests in commercial properties. It is an area that can only be adequately addressed by experts with specialist knowledge of controlling pests in warehouses to prevent and eliminate any problems. Without a professional warehouse pest control program, you leave your business exposed to numerous threats that could have a catastrophic impact on your business operations. Some of the most serious threats are listed below:


All warehouses are susceptible to working areas becoming contaminated, but this is particularly a problem if your warehouse contains foodstuffs. Not only will this increase the likelihood of an infestation, but it attracts the most problematic pests such as rodents and cockroaches. An infestation in your warehouse could also pose a threat to the end consumer, so it needs to be immediately addressed.

Rats and mice are known to carry an array of deadly diseases, including Weil’s disease, salmonella and Hantavirus, whilst cockroaches carry bacteria, viruses and parasites that can also cause disease. Should a problem be detected by Environmental Health or, in the worst-case scenario, someone is taken ill, it is likely to result in a lawsuit, fines and possibly the temporary or permanent closure of your facilities.

Productivity Issues

If you encounter an infestation because you have an inadequate pest control program in your warehouse, it will lead to productivity issues. Elimination of the problem must become your focus, leading to areas of your warehouse becoming closed and manpower utilised to move stocks to other areas of the warehouse or another facility. Employing the services of a professional pest control company can mean that employees can continue with their day to day duties, thus reducing productivity issues.

If foodstuffs become contaminated, they will need to be disposed of, which may cause supply chain issues along with financial implications. Rodents can also cause damage to equipment and machinery if they chose through wires, cables or pipes.

Damage to Property

As we touched upon above, rats and mice chew to wear down their teeth as they will continue to grow throughout their lifetime. They chew any of the items mentioned above along with masonry, wood or even metal. When the vermin chew through wires and cables, it could present a fire risk in addition to being costly to repair. Soft materials such as packing or cardboard are also ideal nesting materials.

Damage to Reputation

By law, you must inform your customers if you have had an infestation as it creates health and safety issues. Should you not be aware that you have a problem, the pests could be unwittingly transported to your customers, causing irreparable damage to your reputation and, consequently, your business. By implementing an effective pest control program, you can prevent this from occurring and protect your own business and that of your customers.

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