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Pest control companies are something that none of us wants to need, especially in domestic properties.


However, for businesses, they are something of a necessity to ensure that you comply with all Health and Safety and Environment Health regulations. However, with so many companies offering this type of service, knowing who you should turn to without breaking the bank can be challenging.

At Van Vynck, we are one of the most affordable pest control companies in London and offer our clients an extensive range of pest solutions. However, unfortunately, we know that many people will choose the cheapest option without doing the proper research to establish whether they can carry out the work you require. If you are looking for an affordable pest control company in London, you should also ask questions about their operation, not focus solely on price. Here are some of the key points we think you should take into account.


Many pest control companies lack experience and knowledge, so they are unsure about the best ways to tackle problems. In many cases, it needs an experienced individual to provide a different solution to ones found in textbooks. A company that has been around for several years will have this experience and expertise, enabling them to guarantee results.

Professionalism and Accreditations

As with any business or industry, you want to deal with a company and individuals that are professional in their approach. While sometimes this can be difficult to quantify, professional qualifications and accreditations are a good indication. You can also look on their website to see if they have any testimonials regarding their services.

Personnel and Infrastructure

Many smaller pest control companies don’t have sufficient personnel or infrastructure to handle larger jobs. While they will naturally want to take on these contracts due to the revenue they can earn, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can produce the results that you need. It is something that can have serious consequences on your operations if the problem were to keep reoccurring as it hadn’t been effectively dealt with.

Response Times

Most domestic customers, when they call a pest control company in London, it is because it is an emergency and they need a problem resolving immediately. Having to wait days or even weeks for someone to come will mean that the situation will have escalated. For business owners, particularly restaurants, if they have an infestation, delays may result in the closure of their business, which will lead to loss of revenue.


In some situations, businesses may be required to produce certifications to Health and Safety or Environmental Health to prove that the problem has been resolved to a satisfactory standard. Pest control companies that don’t have the necessary accreditations or licences will not be able to produce such paperwork, which can create more problems.

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