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Pigeons are a major problem in London.


Their population has increased dramatically in recent years, and now a growing number of companies are looking at pigeon removal in London options such as physical removal or deterrents. While some people may argue that it is easy to remove the birds, The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 means that some methods are prohibited by law.

Feral pigeons, the ones that cause the most significant nuisance, are usually blue-grey with a white rump and are frequently seen in the squares around the city. They have adapted to urban life and no longer fear humans scavenging in bins for food or eating grain and seeds that well-meaning but unhelpful humans have put down for them. Unfortunately, if enough food is available, the birds can breed throughout the year, exacerbating the problem.

What are your options?

1. Spikes

One of the best ways to stop pigeons is by making it difficult for them to inhabit the places they regularly visit. While this can be easier said than done, pigeons enjoy sitting on window sills, ledges and edges of buildings. By strategically placing special spikes in these places, you can make it impossible for the birds to land. An expert should install them to ensure that the ends don’t harm the birds, and the results are usually instant.

2. Hawks

Hawks are one of the most effective ways of controlling pigeons, and at Van Vynck, we have 40 trained hawks. They are arguably our most effective weapon and can quickly disperse a large number of pigeons. The process needs to be repeated relatively often over a short space of time, but the pigeons will quickly become fearful and move on. Unfortunately, hawks can’t be used in all situations, but we favour this approach where possible.

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