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Pigeons are one of the biggest pests in London, and controlling them can be challenging.


Large populations of the birds are visible in almost all areas of the capital, presenting a nuisance to humans and deterring more desirable birds. As well as being a nuisance, pigeons can cause more severe problems as they can carry several infectious diseases and allergens. Some of the conditions that they frequently carry include salmonella, tuberculosis and psittacosis, (which is related to the bacterium Chlamydia psittaci).

Along with the health problems that pigeons pose, they can also cause significant damage to property. Their droppings can damage brick and stonework along with causing harm to the paintwork on cars. As a professional company specialising in pigeon control in London, we appreciate that steps need to be taken to control the birds’ numbers. Here are some of the solutions we can present.

Falconry (the use of hawks)

Falconry has been used for centuries to control bird populations in Britain. At Van Vynck, we have 40 expertly trained hawks that can be used as an effective deterrent in many areas of the capital. Although the hawks are rarely used to catch the pigeons, their mere presence is usually enough to encourage the pigeons to move on, disrupting their breeding, thus helping to control numbers. Of course, hawks are not appropriate in all instances, but they are one of the main tools in our armoury.

Pigeon spikes and netting

You will probably have seen spikes on sills and ledges across London and wondered what they were for. The Spikes prevent birds from landing in certain areas, although experts should install them to ensure that the birds aren’t harmed. For larger areas such as flat roofs, netting can be used as an alternative to spikes and is usually very effective. Both spikes and netting encourage pigeons and other birds to find new places to go.


This can be carried out as part of an Integrated Bird Management Program and should only ever be carried out by trained experts, to ensure the welfare of the target species. It can be useful in reducing flock sizes on larger sites such as housing estates, or town centres.

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