How to stop pigeons in every situation

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Over the last few years, we have witnessed a massive increase in the number of feral pigeons in the UK.


Although some people may not see this as a problem, anyone who has walked through squares or streets filled with these birds will describe them as a “nuisance”. Moreover, pigeon droppings can cause significant damage to buildings and other property as well as posing a health risk to humans. Stopping pigeons breeding has been proven to be extremely difficult, so what can be done to stop them?

At Van Vynck, we specialise in controlling pigeons but appreciate that you may not always want to call in the experts initially. This guide will give you some helpful hints and tips about how you can try and control pigeons. First, you must assess the birds and try to understand their behavioural patterns, appreciating that some deterrents are not appropriate in all circumstances. Here are some of the things you could consider.


If pigeons are causing a problem over a large area, such as in a square, garden or outside your workplace, then a hawk is the best deterrent. However, not many people own a trained hawk, so you may need to call in a professional falconer to do this on your behalf! Hawks are one of the few natural predators for pigeons and have been used for centuries to control bird populations. It is vital to understand that they are not suitable for all situations, so we would suggest explaining your problem to the falconer first.

Spikes and netting

Pigeons commonly sit on the edges of buildings, particularly window sills and edges of roofs. One effective way of preventing this is by installing spikes in these areas, which stop the birds from landing. The spikes won’t impale the birds but will encourage them to find new places to go. For larger areas, you could consider netting, which again is designed to stop the birds from landing. Knowing where spikes and mesh should be situated may be one of your biggest problems, so do your research or call in the experts!

Don’t feed them!

Finally, one of the things that attract pigeons the most is food. However, some well-meaning people decide to leave corn for the birds, encouraging them to come in larger numbers. Not feeding the birds in the first place is the best option, but if you are already doing so, stop immediately!

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