What to Know About the Best Bird Deterrents

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Most of us enjoy seeing birdlife in our gardens and parks, but unfortunately, sometimes they can cause problems, especially if they appear in large numbers.

In a city such as London, birds such as pigeons and gulls are becoming an increasing problem, causing damage to property and attacking pets and even humans. When problems escalate, our services are frequently called upon, and we attend residential and commercial properties across the city.

As a professional pest control company in London, we often offer clients advice about techniques they could try before calling in the professionals. In most cases, the focus is on controlling bird occurrence by either attempting to reduce their numbers or installing deterrents. Each problem should be addressed individually, and our experienced teams will offer sound advice regarding techniques that you should consider. This article will look at some of the options available and things that you need to know about bird deterrents.

The Legalities

You must remember that there are laws governing how wild animals, including birds, are controlled in the UK, and any breach of the regulations can result in significant penalties. Killing, trapping or injuring a bird is illegal, as too are any deterrents that prevent birds from nesting or accessing an existing nest while using scaring devices close to nests of Schedule One species birds is illegal.

Of course, deterring birds means that you are encouraging them to go elsewhere. If they haven’t got anywhere else to go, it is unlikely that any method will be effective and will do little more than distress the birds. We always recommend seeking professional advice before deploying any deterrent.

Effective bird deterrents

There are several different forms of deterrent available on the market, and the ones we have included have proved to be highly effective. However, it will vary depending on the species, your property and potential other influences.


Falconry has been used to deter birds for centuries, but the services of a professional falconer aren’t cheap. Also, they need to be used regularly to retain their effectiveness, and they aren’t suitable for many areas of the capital.


Netting and spikes fitted to windows, sills, and roofs are again among the most effective ways of preventing birds and should always be installed by an expert. It is crucial that they won’t harm birds and be situated in the right places to be effective.

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