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At Van Vynck, we appreciate that addressing any issue with pests is vital to the running of your business.

As a professional and experienced pest control company, we offer an extensive range of ongoing pest control contracts to businesses across London and the South East. We believe that pests need to be removed efficiently and humanely whilst causing minimal disruption to you and your business. We treat all clients the same, so you will be guaranteed a world-class service regardless of your size or business type.

Every pest control problem will present different challenges, but over our years of providing commercial pest control contracts, we have encountered almost everything! Of course, we also deal with one-off infestations that require immediate attention. Our fully qualified team members will not only rid you of the problem but also give you friendly, expert advice regarding preventing a recurrence.

Regardless of if you are a business or an individual, our industry is extremely tightly regulated to ensure your own and others safety. Naturally, when we visit your premises, either as part of a commercial pest control contract or as a one-off, we have procedures in place which comply with all the latest local and international standards. Should you need a copy of our policy, which covers environmental management, health and safety, and service quality, we would be happy to provide it.

We consider transparency and honesty to be the only way to approach customer care. You will find all of our quotes straightforward but detailed, meeting the needs of all local authorities while giving you the peace of mind that you know what work has been conducted.

What problems may you encounter?


Many commercial buildings, particularly those in inner-city areas, have ongoing problems with pigeons and gulls. Pigeons are known to carry mites and other insects, which can cause issues with human health, while their droppings not only look unsightly but can cause damage to buildings and other property. On the other hand, gulls can be aggressive, and as their numbers have swelled in recent years, it has become a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Eradication is almost impossible, so we offer maintenance contracts based on reducing and controlling their numbers.


Crawling insects such as the biscuit beetle or cockroaches cause potential problems, particularly within the catering industry, as they can be attracted to food. They will, of course, be off-putting to customers, but more importantly, they can be a risk to public health with local authorities naturally concerned. Flying insects such as blue bottles, wasps, and even moths can cause problems in any building, including homes, factories and even office blocks. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we know how to address any issues and eliminate them and put procedures in place to stop them from returning.


Rodents, including mice and rats, can pose a threat to public health, and their removal and then prevention is vital. Of course, in some areas and types of commercial premises, they are more prevalent than others. Our teams will discuss different strategies that you can adopt depending on your circumstances and situation.

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