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With over 30 years of experience in pest control in West London, at Van Vynck Environmental, we know how to address all your pest control needs.


We always work with integrity, acting as humanely as possible and efficiently eliminating or controlling any problems. We treat smaller residential work the same as we do for large commercial projects, with no one being prioritised. The problem’s scale should never determine how quickly it is dealt with, and your satisfaction is our priority.

Thanks to our knowledge, skill and experience, we are only too aware that everyone’s needs for pest control in West London are different. For some people, it may be sudden, a one-off infestation that, once removed, eliminates the issue. In contrast, others may need ongoing contract work aimed at control rather than eradication of a problem. When you call on Van Vynck, you can be sure that the team we send will be experienced and, perhaps more importantly, qualified to address your dilemma.

Our industry is strictly regulated with controlled poisons frequently used, and all pests need to be dealt with humanely. In line with internationally recognised standards, we have developed and subsequently implemented systems and processes ensuring we comply with all health and safety, environmental and quality of service issues. In a cutthroat industry, we believe it is essential that we are completely open, transparent and, more importantly, honest with our clients. We always make sure that we are available to address any concerns that you may have.


In most instances, birds are welcome visitors to our gardens, parks and public areas. However, some, including pigeons and gulls, can be classed as vermin. Pigeon droppings can cause damage to buildings and cars as well as an unsightly mess on pavements. Sometimes called “flying rates”, they also carry mites and other insects, which can cause respiratory and other health issues for humans. Eradication can be very difficult, so we focus more on control, but every scenario is treated individually.

With Gulls the problem is caused by their aggressive nature. Unfortunately, in the last five to ten years, we have seen a substantial rise in their numbers, making the issue far worse. At Van Vynck, we recognise that different strategies are required, but predominantly, our role is to control nesting.

Crawling Insects

Crawling insects such as ants and bed bugs are known to bite, which can cause severe irritation. Other creatures such as cockroaches can cause a risk to public health. We will quickly establish the infestation source, remove it and suggest ways to prevent the problem from returning.

Flying Insects

Flying insects such as bluebottles and house flies can pass on diseases such as salmonella if they come into contact with food. Moths can damage textiles, and wasps present the problem of stings. Our teams know precisely how to deal with any issue using advanced and safe equipment and substances.


In inner-city areas, rodents, including mice and rats, present various problems and risks for humans. Rats carry disease and breed quickly, so if you think you have a rat infestation, it needs addressing quickly. Although poisons are used, depending on your circumstances, we may adopt different strategies to eradicate your problem.

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