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Pest control in South London is a problem that all too many people will be familiar with.


At Van Vynck, we have extensive knowledge and experience in handling infestations in private and commercial properties. We appreciate that it can be a sensitive topic, so you can be reassured that our team will act with professionalism and integrity to handle any issue you may have. We believe in treating all our clients equally, and no one is a priority due to their size. The crucial factor is that the concern is dealt with efficiently and promptly.

Pest control in South London will inevitably present a range of issues that need addressing. Our comprehensive service includes handling on-off infestations to providing ongoing maintenance contracts where the emphasis is switched to control rather than eradication. As part of our service, we will also advise on ways to prevent the problem from recurring. All of our team members are vastly experienced and fully qualified. When they arrive at your property, they will be equipped with everything they need to address the problem quickly and efficiently.

Of course, pest control in South London involves using controlled chemicals, so it is strictly regulated. At Van Vynck, we have documented procedures and methods that we follow, which is compliant with international and local authority standards. It covers all aspects of our work, including the quality of service we offer, health and safety and environmental issues. We believe in honesty and transparency, and we think this is the best way to help our clients. Naturally, we are always on hand to answer any questions that you may have.


Unlike most birds that are a welcome sight in gardens and public places around the country, Pigeons and gulls can present public health problems. Pigeon droppings can cause damage to property, including cars and buildings, along with being an eye-sore. Pigeons are known to carry insects such as fleas and mites that can cause numerous health issues. Generally, we try to control problems with pigeons rather than eradicate them.

Gulls can be aggressive and have a reputation for attacking humans and their pets, which inevitably causes some degree of stress to victims. We adopt a strategy of controlling their nesting, which is a licensed procedure.

Crawling Insects

Crawling insects includes a variety of ants, bed bugs and even cockroaches. They all present problems from bites causing minor irritations to the more severe contamination of food. We will establish the infestation source, eradicate it and then implement ways to stop a reoccurrence.

Flying Insects

Flying insects include house flies, bluebottles which can cause food contamination. Moths can damage textiles and clothing, while wasps carry a nasty sting. Our teams will use a variety of processes to ensure that efficient eradication.


In inner-city areas, mice and rats spread disease amongst humans and their pets. Most rodents are removed using a combination of traps and poisons, but if you have young children or pets, we can suggest alternatives, so please speak to a member of our team.

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