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At Van Vynck, we have over 30 years of experience overcoming pest control problems in residential and commercial properties.


Our pest control in North London service is client-focused, and you will find our team always act with integrity and resolve pest problems quickly and efficiently. We never consider the size of “a job” to be a determining factor in needing to be fixed. We treat residential and commercial customers with the same levels of respect and professionalism.

We have found that when it comes to pest control in North London, everyone’s circumstances are unique. Our services range from handling one-off, sudden infestations to providing ongoing contracts to businesses. Sometimes we are required to eradicate a problem and prevent its return, while on other occasions controlling the situation is the best approach. We understand that whatever your problem, you need it dealing with it quickly, and when you make that call to Van Vynck, we will send a fully qualified and experienced team member equipped to provide the best solutions for your situation.

As our industry is tightly controlled, we are required by law to develop and implement processes to deal with any infestation. Our policies are compliant with international standards and meet local authority service quality, health and safety and environmental requirements. We always deal with outbreaks in a professional but forthright manner, believing that honesty and transparency is the only way to help our clients. We appreciate the distress that pests can cause and are always available to answer any questions you may have.


Pigeons and gulls can pose problems with public health, and indeed, both are frequently regarded as vermin. Pigeon droppings can cause an unsightly mess, but more importantly, they can cause damage to property, including cars and buildings. These creatures also carry insects such as fleas and mites, which can present health problems in humans. Due to their numbers, eradication is almost impossible, so our strategies are focused on controlling their population. Of course, we deal with every situation on a case by case basis.

The Gull population has increased massively in recent years, which has caused stress and anxiety to many people in the South East. The gulls are known to have an aggressive nature and frequently attack humans and their pets. Again, control is the best strategy, and as a licensed procedure, we are authorised to control their nesting.

Crawling Insects

Crawling insects covers a multitude of possibilities ranging from different types of ants and bed bugs to cockroaches. Each creature presents its own problems, such as bites causing minor irritations to food contamination leading to gastrointestinal issues. Our job is to establish the source of the infestation, eradicate it and then discuss ways of preventing a recurrence.

Flying Insects

Although many people regarded bluebottles and house flies as nothing more than a nuisance, when they come into contact with food, they can contaminate it with bacteria. Other flying insects such as moths can damage clothing, and wasps carry a nasty sting. Using a blend of equipment and skill, our teams will have the problem efficiently removed.


Mice and rats both breed quickly and are known to spread disease amongst humans, pets and livestock. Rodents are usually killed using poisons which can vary depending on if you have children or pets. Our teams will discuss your needs on an individual basis.

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