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Whether you have crawling insects or rats in your restaurant, you need to invest in a commercial restaurant pest control company immediately.

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For the food industry, safety and hygiene need to be the top priority. If a customer walks into your restaurant and sees a rat, there is no chance that they would be trying out your specials for the night. Even worse is the fact that they may end up telling more people about their traumatizing experience, thus creating a negative brand image for your restaurant all across town.

A pest invasion in your restaurant simply means that you are not complying to the health and hygiene requirements put forth by the government. By having pests in your restaurant, you are always at risk of serving contaminated food to your customers which can induce harmful diseases.

If you never want to run into such problems with your restaurant business, then you should be contracting with a reliable commercial restaurant pest control service like Van Vynck.

How to Prevent Having Pests

If you want to avoid having pests in your restaurant in the first place, there are a few preventive measures that you can follow.

The first tip is to always be aware of your hot spots. When you run a food business, there are many places in your restaurant that are most susceptible to having pests. This could include areas where food is disposed, where food scraps can be found, or even well-lit places.

Here are a few things to look out for in your restaurant:

1. Lighting

Anywhere where there is warmth being produced by multiple lights, you are likely to find some infestation of pests. This can be something as small as moths, or something more serious like rats. Regardless of what pests you have, any type of infestation can be incredibly harmful to the image of your brand.

To prevent pests from entering your restaurant, try to position your lights facing the doorways. You should also avoid having lights outside your restaurant that are pointing directly towards the entrance since this would mean giving way for pests to infest your restaurant.

2. Rubbish Disposal

If you run a food service business, then you already know the importance of keeping your building clean at all times. This means that you probably have multiple rubbish disposals that are actively used to throw out any waste or leftovers from your kitchen.

However, you may not know that your rubbish disposals are the key to all of your problems. Since the rubbish has a large amount of food inside, they tend to be very attractive for pests to accumulate and feed on. If you have a rubbish disposal near your restaurant that is infested by pests, then you may not have many customers wanting to eat from your restaurant.

To avoid this, it is important to opt for bins that are large enough to sustain all of your rubbish without overflowing. You should also clean up the bins regularly and wash the area of the rubbish disposal with water to prevent any buildup of mold.

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Once you find pests in your commercial restaurant, it is advised for you to call a professional pest control company immediately. By contracting with Van Vynck, we assure to provide you with the best pest control services.

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