Problem Birds – The Worst Birds in The UK

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Should birds be treated in the same manner as other pests?


If they are causing damage to property, then the answer is definitely a yes. While you may not consider these pests as disgusting as rats or cockroaches in your office, but, birds can actually create many problems for your office if they are present in large numbers.


The biggest problem with Gulls is that they are not afraid of humans. This means that if you are living anywhere near the coast, you may find a seagull trying to find food in your house or even attacking your food if you are eating outside. If Gulls start living near your property, they are likely to spread their droppings across the exterior of your property which can cause long term damage. Gulls are also loud and tend to cause a lot of noise pollution – especially if they have young offspring to raise. In reality most issues with Gulls tend to occur when they are nesting in an area which brings them into conflict with humans. Gulls are afforded protection under the wildlife and countryside act, and as such it is important to seek help from a professional company when dealing with gull related problems.

Feral Pigeons

All across the UK, Pigeons are very dominant. These feral pigeons are always looking for homes to invade. Once they find a safe place, they will start excreting their droppings all across the property – causing significant damage to your exterior walls and even your vehicles. Research suggests that pigeon droppings can also be harmful to health since these birds carry many diseases.

If you have any of these birds on your property, you should contact Van Vynck Pest Control immediately. Our team of professionals will be able to carry out extensive bird control procedures to ensure that there are no nests or pests around to bother you again.

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