Pest Droppings – The Ultimate Identification Guide

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Have you ever found pest droppings around your office?


Chances are that you didn't even know your office had pests before you saw some of these droppings somewhere. It can be a truly gross thing to discover and your first thought is to get in touch with a pest control company.

But before you can move on to pest control, it is good to identify what kind of pests are present in your building. Here is a simple guide to help you in pest identification:

1. Rat Droppings

If you have rats, you have probably seen their droppings all around your building. Rats are the kind of animals that are messy with their droppings instead of doing it all in one place – meaning these types of pest droppings could be scattered all across your property.

Rat droppings can be identified as new when they are dark and soft. If the dropping appears to be light brown in colour and hard when you clean it up, it has probably been around for a few days already. Rat droppings are typically 3/4 of an inch in size. While this varies with the area that you are in and the specific species of rats, their droppings are always in a long, thin shape.

2. Mice Droppings

Mice droppings can be hard to identify. This is simply because while mice tend to defecate quite often, their droppings are very small in size – almost the size of a seed. To identify whether you have mice in your building, you should check for any droppings around places where they could potentially find food. Mice droppings are usually found in dining areas or the kitchen.

3. Bed Bug Droppings

Similar to cockroaches, bed bugs tend to excrete very tiny droppings. Instead of walls and floors, you can check for bed bug droppings around the furniture of your house such as sofas and beds where they are most commonly found. Bed bug droppings are rust in colour and they are likely to be scattered across the bottom of your mattress or cushions.

If you find any of these pest droppings around your property, you should get in contact with our team immediately. At Van Vynck Pest Control, we take away all of your pest control worries by conducting thorough checks and processes that will ensure that no pest comes near your property again.

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