Pest Control and Food Safety

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Running a food business can be a challenging task.


Apart from preparing delicious food for customers, it is also necessary for business operators to maintain a high standard of food safety in their premises.

In the food industry, doing the bare minimum to keep your property safe from pests is not enough. Instead, there are legal authorities present in the UK that continuously monitor whether food businesses are complying with thorough food safety procedures.

If you want to maintain a high food safety standard for your food business, it is important to invest in quality pest control. Since pests like rats and mice are commonly found in places like kitchens and dining areas where they can find food, it is important to have these pests removed immediately. Having pests in your premises can lead to the spread of various diseases through bacteria that can be transferred to customers through the food that you are producing.

Do I Need Pest Control?

If you run a large food business operation in the UK, it is important to call a pest control company on a yearly basis even if you do not spot any large pests around the property. The reason behind this is that most pests tend to live in areas where we cannot normally see them – such as drainage pipes and the sewage system.

By contaminating the water system of your facility, these pests are able to spread various diseases both in the food and for the employees working at your food business.

Factors Determining Pest Infestation

To ensure that pests do not come near your food operations, it is important to consider a few factors before you set up your business. This includes:

1. Design and Construction

If you operate a large food business in the UK, you can maintain food safety by constructing your facility in a way that prevents any pests from getting inside the property. Your entire facility must also be cleaned thoroughly multiple times a day, so make sure that you have enough space to enable cleaning and hygiene practices. The floors and walls should be easy to clean – especially since most pest droppings are found in these locations.

2. Equipment

In order to ensure food safety, it is necessary to have equipment and containers that store all your food properly. If you have open containers around your facility, there are more chances of pests to become attracted to your property since they would be able to find food there. Ensure that all of your equipment is thoroughly cleaned with clean water throughout the day to ensure that everything is disinfected before you use it.

If your food production business suffers from pests inside the property, get in contact with Van Vynck Pest Control today. Our team of professionals will help you evacuate as soon as possible and conduct thorough pest control that helps you maintain a high standard of food safety.

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