Is Pest Control Necessary In The Winter?

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Yes, pest control in the winter is a necessity. Just as we need warmth and shelter, so do pests.

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They will try to seek this shelter in your office or commercial space, and this can turn into an infestation.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading for the many other reasons why you need pest control in winter.

#1. Dormant Insects

Insects are not seen outside during the winters because either they die or they seek shelter. They are known for hiding in attics and basements during the cold weather. Once they find this shelter, they will remain dormant until the weather starts becoming warmer.

These dormant insects include bugs, spiders, ladybugs, cluster flies, and many others. They will crawl into living spaces and hide there till the weather is warmer. That is why you need to keep a check in the winter and make sure that no pest is mistaking your house for their home.

#2. Temporary Dormancy

Many insects during the winter go into what is known as temporary dormancy which is also called diapause. During the diapause, the insects rest and develop slowly. It is not to be confused with hibernation, which is winter sleep.

Insects that go into this dormancy will start producing biological antifreeze with the help of sugar present in their cells. It will become a big problem because to do this, insects seek shelter in places such as sheds, underground, and different nooks and corners of a property. Once this dormant period is over, they will have multiplied, and they will infest your property.

#3. Rats and Mice

Rats and mice can be considered seasonal pests as although they are present throughout the year the calls peak in the Winter. There are several reasons for this. Starting in the late Summer food is relatively plentiful with ripened crops and naturally occurring fruits such as blackberries, apples etc, the rat and mouse population is at it’s peak. Warmer weather means the rats and mice are not using energy to keep warm and vegetation gives cover from predators, more people are outside supplying dropped food and other edible litter. So the rat and mouse population is at its highest by late Summer/early Autumn. As autumn progresses the food sources start to dry up and the vegetation dies back. Rats and mice will feel the cold and will now start to seek cover, alternative food and warmth. This is when they move into buildings. If hungry they will take more risks such as raiding bird tables and bins, possibly in the riskier time of daylight if other more dominant rats or mice are feeding on the same food source.

So, you should always call pest control to remove the pests when you spot them. Leaving them dormant like this in the winter will create a big problem for you in the spring when they multiply and wake up from their rest period.

Controlling Pests

You must seek pest control during the winter. The pests will take shelter in your home and stay there till the weather is warm. During this time, they can destroy your home from the inside and wreak havoc.

If you need professional assistance with getting rid of pests, then get in touch with us now. Our trained experts will get rid of the pests in no time so that you can enjoy a healthy home. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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