Control of a Rat Infestation

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Rattus norvegicus commonly known as the brown rat is one of the most noticeable species mainly in the UK which is also classified as the most common type of pest.

rat infestation

Rodents are warm-blooded creatures categorised as mammals like humans and are found throughout the world. These rodents (rats) chomp away at every material accessible to them mostly furniture and other woody materials. These destructive species reside in places where there is warmth and enough nourishment, and when these supplies are adequate then this ultimately results in their proliferation hence increasing their count. These species usually seek refuge during the cold season of winter and shelter themselves in warm environments like houses, restaurants, warehouses and so on.

Why is Control Of a Rodent Infestation Mandatory?

Rodents not only cause a great deal of destruction to a business by gnawing materials (food items, clothes, wood, wires etc.) but are also prime carriers of common diseases like salmonella, leptospirosis (Weil's disease) and tuberculosis moreover they may also contaminate foodstuff by secreting either waste or saliva and may even taint the edibles through their fur. These pests also serve as hosts for fleas thus increasing the risk of zoonotic infections like the plague or lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus which affects immune-compromised individuals and may lead to meningitis, severe headache etc.

Rats tend to mark their territory through urination, through this way they further increase in population thus posing some seriously long-lasting effects. If you identify a rodent at your place do not hesitate in calling a professional pest control management company as the presence of one may indicate the signs of a rodent infestation.

Our Infestation Control Strategies:

The rodent control is initiated by carrying out a detailed full and detailed investigation at the site of infestation to not only discover the presence of potential pest species, but also to identify any contributory factors. This information is used to develop a program which will provide effective and sustainable results.Rodent control programs typically involve making visits to the location at approximately 4 week intervals. During service visits your fully qualified and experienced technician will carry out a full inspection of the premises and use the very latest and most effective methods of control to ensure your premises remain free of rodents and other pests.

There are a lot of home-based remedies for rat control available on the internet but we know that they are not effective enough to control the rapidly multiplying rats that are hidden in such extreme nooks and corners of properties, restaurants or workplaces which are not visible to the naked eye that is why it is recommended to always hire a pest control professional to sort out the problem.

The BPCA have recently released an article warning that there is likely to be a second spike in rat infestations as they seek shelter for winter. Read more here -

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