9 Signs You Have Mice in Your Office

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The presence of mice inside homes and offices is annoying yet not uncommon.


People have spotted mice many times in some of the most unexpected offices, such as 10 Downing Street.

Mice cannot be disregarded as harmless, cute little fellows because a mice infestation can cause serious health-related problems.

Due to the health hazards caused by a rodent infestation, there are many government regulations in place. These regulations compel individuals and companies to take necessary measures once they spot a mouse or a colony of mice in their workplace.

The following are some signs that may give away the presence of these galling little creatures. Keep an eye out for these signs to find out if mice have infested your office.

1. Spotting A Mouse, Dead or Alive

This is the most obvious sign of the presence of mice in your office. Usually, mice tend to be more active during the night, but you may catch one of them running around during the day.

Spotting even a single mouse, dead or alive, in your workplace could be a sign that your office is mouse-infested or is about to get infested by a mouse colony because they multiply very rapidly.

2. Peculiar Noises

Mice run and squeak in the pathways they have made in the ceiling or inside the walls. So, scratching and squeaking noises from the ceiling or from behind the walls should alert you that you may have some mice as colleagues too.

3. Mice Feces

Not only do mice multiply at a quick pace, but they also defecate. So, if you are on the lookout for mice-presence in your workplace, don’t forget to pay attention to tiny mouse droppings along the mouse pathways or near their nests.

4. Sharp Pungent Odor

If your office has suddenly started reeking with an inexplicable sharp, pungent odor, it means that mice have infiltrated in your office.

Mice leave behind a pungent, Ammonia-like smell from wherever they go. So, if you smell something like ammonia, be vigilant of other signs of mice because there might be an infestation.

5. Teeth marks or bitten materials

Mice do not just occupy a place and cause harm to humans. They also damage materials in their quest for food.

Bitten cardboard boxes, chewed rubber wires, and food wrappers with holes in them are all very clear signs that there is a mouse in your office.

6. Mice Nests

Another obvious giveaway of mice colony is their nest. Mice can make homes in multiple places from walls, floors, and cabinets to chair cushions and sofas.

Due to their soft frame, mice can easily squeeze through tiny holes. Therefore, stay vigilant of any holes in the walls, floors, or door frames and tears in the material of chair and sofa cushions.

7. The Disappearance of Food.

A mouse colony is not only capable of making you sick, but they are very adept at stealing your food as well.

If you are on the lookout for a mice infestation in your office, don’t forget to check out the office pantry. Mice might be chewing on the wrappers and sharing some of the biscuits and crackers that you store in there.

8. Footprints

Another unmistakable sign of the presence of mice in your workplace is a foot trail. Mice usually go out deep in the night. So, make sure to check out for tiny footprints on surfaces when you come into the office in the morning.

9. Grease Smears

Mice have oily and dirty fur. This is why when they run along walls or on the floor, they leave behind a greasy trace. This greasy trace indicates the presence of mice and their usual route.

Mice infestation is not only a health hazard, but it also causes waste of food. Along with that, mice also incur damage to the furniture and wiring while looking for food.

There are a few signs such as squeaky noises, ammonia-like smell, and footprints that can help you make certain the presence of mice because you can’t get rid of mice unless you detect their infestation.

If you see any of the signs above get in touch with the Van Vynck team today.

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