Anti Bird Netting at Tilbury 2 Port

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Installation of anti-bird netting to the underside of the vehicle entrance canopy at the newly opened Tilbury 2 port terminal constructed on the site of the disused Tilbury power station.


The Tilbury power station site is no longer in use. Earlier this year, the Tilbury 2 port terminal was constructed on the disused property. At its vehicle entrance area, a canopy was installed over the security entrance and exit points. Unfortunately, no one anticipated that the canopy would attract so many birds, especially feral pigeons wanting to take advantage of its abundance of roosting and nesting points. The support structure of the canopy's roof was like a magnet for the birds because it created so many convenient places for the birds to roost and nest.

The owners didn't waste any time contacting us for help. As a preferred supplier of bird deterrent systems to the port of Tilbury, we were called in to provide an action plan to prevent further bird activity, and to protect Port staff from the harmful effects of bird fouling. Our reputation in the port of Tilbury is well established. We've provided bird and pest control services within the port for 30 years, and introduced systems which continually protect millions of pounds in goods from harmful pest related issues.

Before the anti-pigeon netting was installed, we conducted a thorough survey of the site and created installation plans. Once those plans were approved by the owner, we proceeded to install the anti-pigeon netting on the canopy to stop any more bird activity from taking place there. The netting was able to enclose all of the canopy's features to prevent birds from accessing them.

Designing anti-pigeon netting was not as simple as throwing a premade net over a canopy and going home. It had to be designed specifically to allow access to the lighting system on the site. That way, it wouldn't be a hassle for maintenance work to be performed on it in the future. We designed several access points in areas where utilities and other equipment existed.

In the end, the project was completed on time and on budget. The client was beyond satisfied with the results we provided to them. Everything they requested for the project was delivered to them. We were able to:

  • Stop pigeon nesting and roosting at the terminal
  • Stop bird fouling and debris at the terminal
  • Design a custom plan for the anti-pigeon netting
  • Install the anti-pigeon netting flawlessly
  • Deliver fast and efficient customer service

Our anti-pigeon netting has proven itself to work wonderfully. No birds were able to surpass the netting. The accessible areas were made to be only accessible by humans. Birds are not able to get through those areas because of the safety measures put in place.

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