Can Pests Spread Coronavirus?

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As you must be aware, the Coronavirus pandemic still remains active globally and there is no proper cure or vaccination for it yet.

For this reason, people are afraid of catching the virus. It is known to everyone that the transmission of this virus occurs from person to person. It can spread through objects and materials that have droplets of the infection. As Autumn approaches people are becoming more concerned that there will be a wave of infections, and some may be concerned that animals including pests may contribute to this. However, there is no true evidence to support and it is thought that pests do not act as a way of transmitting the virus further. However pests do have the ability to transfer bacteria and other diseases with them. Here are some diseases which pests can carry with them and transmit them to others:

Disease Transmission through Pests

Many insects and rodents transmit bacteria and can spread diseases.

Rats for example can transmit a disease called Leptospirosis or Weils disease, which is a serious, often fatal disease that damages the liver and kidneys. Pests are unhygienic and therefore can carry great amounts of bacteria along with them. To add to this, the places where they reside can get easily infected with bacteria, too. Although the coronavirus is only transmittable from human to human, a compromised immune system will not leave you in a good place either.

The coronavirus pandemic has made everyone anxious about the different ways that they may catch diseases and how to avoid them. This article may reassure you that coronavirus does not transfer via pests and therefore, you need not worry. However, pests are unhygienic and do transmit other diseases and bacteria which can have a bad impact on the immune system. Call us now at Van Vynck and our pest control services will help to keep you safe and healthy!

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