Why you should choose Vvenv for your bird control needs

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Property owners in London have a common problem when it comes to birds, such as feral pigeons and gulls.

They always seem to nest on top of their roofs, which can make maintenance work much more difficult. If you’re running a business and you need to access the electrical equipment of your building, it can be rather difficult when you have several bird nests in the way of it.

Furthermore, all those birds on the roof can actually damage your electrical equipment and other areas of your building too. That is why you should consider investing in our bird control services. Van Vynck Environmental Services has a specific team of professionals who specialise in bird management services. We can implement customised techniques to disrupt their normal behaviour so that they’ll leave your building alone.


Our customised techniques consist of using trained predatory birds, such as falcons and hawks, for keeping away the nuisance birds like the pigeons and gulls. It just so happens that pigeons and gulls tend to be afraid of falcons and hawks because they are their natural predators. Our predatory birds are trained specially for this purpose.

There are not too many companies in London that specialise in bird control services. We offer two different variations of our bird control techniques. The first technique is a comprehensive bird management program that consists of the predatory birds that we just mentioned. The second technique is to clean and proof your roof to deter pigeons and gulls from wanting to nest there.

When you contact Van Vynck for a free consultation, we will conduct a survey of your site. Based on the results of the survey and the number of birds threatening your building, we will recommend the best bird control technique for your facility. Contact us at 0800 731 7462 to get started.

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