Why now is the best time to look at controlling your pigeon problem

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Do you have a feral pigeon problem at your building? If so, then do not wait for the problem to go away on its own.

You need a professional team of pigeon control specialists to keep those feral pigeons away from your building. Otherwise, they will damage various areas of your building and cause all kinds of problems, such as safety hazards and maintenance delays.

Whether you own a multi-story building in the city or a rural house in the suburbs, you may still face a feral pigeon problem. These pigeons carry disease and attract all kinds of bugs, bacteria, and viruses. In fact, their fouling alone can attract an infestation of mites and insects. If you have any people around these pests, they could suffer an intestinal infection or respiratory infection.

When just one pigeon nests on the roof of your building, it won’t take long for other pigeons to nest on it too. It is even worse during their breeding season, so it is better to take action now rather than later. The first step is to remove all food and other organic materials from your roof, lawn, and other areas around your building. That is one way to reduce the pigeons around your building, but it won’t eliminate them.


Van Vynck Environmental Services has highly trained and experienced pigeon control specialists who can help you with your feral pigeon problem. We do not use any pesticides or other chemicals to kill these birds.The UK rightly has robust legislation in place to protect the welfare of all birds, and we understand the need for a measured approach which starts with techniques designed to adapt the host environment and alter nuisance behaviour in order to resolve the issue. We can design and install all types of proofing deterrents, and build ongoing management programs which provide effective and sustainable results.

If you’d like more information about our bird control technique, you can call our offices at 0800 731 7462.

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