What Are The Best Methods of Pest Control For Restaurants?

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A pest problem is one of the biggest killers of a restaurant.

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Bad press, customer reviews and food hygiene ratings can create a toxic reputation of having insects or rodents in your restaurant and is a sure-fire way to go out of business, writing-off years of hard work, investment and growth.

Therefore, identifying and removing any pest-related problems is key for maintaining the hygiene, quality and reputation of your business.

What Are Signs Of Pest Infestation?

Main threats will come from cockroaches, flies and rodents. It is important to know the key signs of each type of pest:

Cockroaches will give off a strong, oily odour as well as leave small, black droppings and egg casings that can be black, brown or dark red.

Flies can usually be seen regularly buzzing around both inside and outside your restaurant. Depending on the level of fly infestation, you might notice large groups of flies together gathered around light sources or waste collection points

Rodents leave small black droppings of various sizes depending on if they are mice or rats as well as a strong smell of ammonia from their urine.

What Are The Best Methods of Pest Control?

The best ways of removing any pest problems and preventing them in the first place are to block and remove any entry points of these pests as well as regularly clean your premises and check your food storage areas, making sure that they are tightly sealed.

You should be keeping light sources clean as well as keeping food sources well above the floor. The removal of waste should be handled responsibly and cleanly, making sure that your waste collection points are regularly cleaned and far from where you store your food.

If the situation comes where you have a pest problem and require an Integrated Pest Management Service, we can help. With over 30 years of experience in bird and Pest control in London and the Southeast, at Van Vynck we can deliver a professional and efficient service as well offer advice and guidance on how to reduce the risk of pest problems occurring in the first instance.

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