We are now working with the Hilton hotel chain

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Underground car park netting has reached it's conclusion at the Hilton Cambridge City Hotel.

Hilton Cambridge City

A weeks long bird netting installation has just wrapped up at the Hilton Cambridge City Hotel. We were tasked with taking down the old damaged netting and replacing with our signature industrial netting.

The maintenance team were concerned that once the netting was installed that they would not have the required access to a network of overhead pipe work and ventilation systems that spread across the entire underground car park. It was imperative that the team could have full control of the access they needed at any given time without having to log a call-out with us. To meet their needs, our installation team cut into the net several zip and rod-access points in specific areas which are in consistent use.

Before the project was signed off on, we carried out a walk around and a demonstration to the hotel staff who work in and around the car park area. This was an opportunity for them to get to grips with the new zips and rods and we know they will be able to use the system confidently whenever required.