Insect Management Programme provides successful results for The WestWorks building

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The latest addition to White City's thriving business district enjoys an insect-free environment.

The WestWork business complex, White City Place.

The building management team at The WestWork building were noticing a slow increase in several species of insect. When the problem became internal, Van Vynck were contacted to provide a solution to an increasing volume of sightings.

After a long development process, which included buzz sessions, trials and consultation with the BPCA, the senior management team at Van Vynck Environmental have recently given the green light on a fully inclusive and integrated management programme built around the eradication of all types of insect.

After some amendments and discussions with our marketing team, we named the programme 'Integrated Insect Management'. It is a very popular set of methodical techniques and highly delicate procedures which we are proud to now be offering as a full-time, annual service.

The WestWorks was one of the first of our clients to have this programme on-site and so far has provided favourable results as expected. We were delighted to receive the below email from the head of the building management team:

Your treatment for bugs in the lobby area was very efficient. We have not seen any insects since! Great job.

Building Management Team Leader, The WestWork Business Complex