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New Royal Wharf, on the former site of Minoco Wharf on the north bank of the River Thames, is a residential and commercial development in Newham, London located near the Thames Barrier.

The site is close to both West Silvertown and Pontoon Dock DLR stations.

We have been providing our Integrated Rodent Management services to this site since 2016 and continue to provide a successful management programme to this day.

Royal Wharf
Image (Flickr): dgeezer

We have recently undertaken a new area of the complex known as the Marketing Suite which forms the final part of our new extended programme that has been rolled out across the entire site. We have enjoyed watching the progression of what was once a building site into a major residential player capturing the worlds attention in the process. The complex, not Van Vynck…although who knows.

Adapting our rodent management programmes that we have in place across New Royal Wharf has proven challenging at times. In part, this was due to the ever changing environment of a site that is constantly developing. The shift in rodent behaviour has been a challenge that we have had to respond very quickly to as a result of various peaks in activity and other such general pest issues over the last three years.

The situation has had to be managed across the whole site as opposed to specific triangulated areas of protection and remedial works. Our unlimited call-out facility has had huge benefits to our client who feel safe in the knowledge knowing that we will be on site within 24 hours after they make contact to carry out targeted treatments in affected areas.