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​We are delighted to be working in Partnership with Universal Tyres in recently rolled out one of our signature Integrated Bird Management Programmes for Universal Tyres Head Office based in Dartford.

Universal Tyres

Universal Tyres has over 10 branches across London and the South East of England. Their flagship operation in Dartford, Kent had been plagued by not only heavy external and internal feral pigeon activity, but with a considerable volume of fouling, combined with the on-going frustrations of all involved with such a high volume of infestation.

Our commitment to eradicating the activity initially began with ten set-up visits to clear away pre-existing roosting behaviours and patterns which is a very delicate and intense procedure. The process consisted of pigeon trapping, culling and of course the formal introduction of ‘Red’ to the site. ‘Red’ being one of nine Hawks that we have in our Hawking and Falconry army barracks. He was most defiantly the Hawk for the job.

Initial services completed, our main focus is now the ongoing maintenance required to keep the activity at a manageable level after on what was once an out-of-control infestation. We now show a once-weekly presence at the site so that we can establish a formidable territory in order to gain full control. We do this by maximising the initial programme into a regular, measured and proportionate integrated programme which is constantly driven with clear intention to eradicate feral bird activity. Although we have not been on site for very long; our 52 visit per annum service has proved to be hugely successful for the company in providing noticeable results. There is a long road ahead but the team are very much appreciative of all we have done so far and in particular - our Senior Bird Specialists Peter and Tony whom have been assigned this project - and Red of course.