Bird Control in Kings Cross Estate, London

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The Van Vynck Team are working on the Kings Cross Estate and the amazing Triplets Building in London. Using environmentally friendly hawking.

The King’s Cross Estate Is the largest urban redevelopment scheme in Europe. Among its amazing features are the triplet gas holder guide frames,the world’s only connected triplet frames to be refurbished into a residential space. These are now Grade II listed. This grade defines a particularly important building which is of special interest and qualifies for preservation.

The gas holders were originally constructed in 1860-1867 and then were enlarged in 1879-1880. During the late 20th century, gasworks such as this were decommissioned, gas being manufactured from coal. Trip Holders are constructed by joining their frames to a common spine that consists of three tiers which are highly decorated. King’s Cross Estate’s ambition is to be the most managed estate in the UK with their main priority being safety throughout the day and night.

Gas Holder

The Van Vynck Team are proud to be working on the Kings Cross Estate and the amazing Triplets Building. The largest of our sites being 67 acres of mixed park, office and retail buildings. There is never a dull moment for our technicians, who work hard to supply a General and Bird Control service to the estate management team. This project was started in 2016 but recently, more areas have come on board.