Nuisance Pigeons Cleared from Housing Estate in Essex

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Warwick Estates Property Management contacted Van Vynck to help them clear nuisance pigeons from a housing estate in Essex.

The site in Rainham, Essex is made up of five residential blocks all managed by Warwick Estates Property Management. There was a very large and well established feral pigeon population, both nesting and roosting on site.

In the past there had been widespread proofing measures installed but these had largely failed and the problem had become worse than ever.

The Van Vynck falconry team have been working hard to clear the site of nuisance pigeons by using a mixture of trapping and flying the Harris Hawk to deter the pigeons from site.

The results so far have been very positive and the client is happy to finally see progress thanks to the hard work of our falconry team and their hawks.