Notting Hill Gate Bird Control Appointment

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Recommendations to control a population of feral pigeons at the Notting Hill Gate site in London.

  • Start Date: 7 February 2011
  • Site: Campden Hill Notting Hill Gate London

Working together with Fifthstreet Management Limited.

At Van Vynck we always carry out a free site survey of the sites...Not only for the best recommendations for our clients but also to see if this is a safe working environment for our staff.

From the survey it was clear that the population of feral pigeons is not only healthy in the immediate area but also extremely well established. This has resulted in roosting occurring on all three blocks as the location is ideal for town centre feeding.

There are significant levels of fouling below well used roosts and large numbers were present during the survey indicating a food source close to these roosting areas. This is corroborated by the condition of the birds present which again points to close and substantial food source generated I suspect by perpetual feeders both intentional and unintentional.

Attempts at bird proofing measures have been made in the worst affected areas however this has merely displaced the problem onto neighbouring features. In locations where food is readily available close to the point where roosting is also occurring displacement over any real distance is extremely difficult. Feral pigeons will put up with almost anything to remain in a location suitable for roosting as well as feeding and therefore to have any noticeable level of success any management program must start with a reduction by culling of flock numbers.

This should be carried out over a finite period to avoid a vacuum effect and should be followed by a displacement program designed to have a short term impact but should be ongoing to allow for long term sustainable results.

At Van Vynck we recommend to therefore allow for a program of trapping aimed at reducing flock size followed by the introduction of a bird control hawking program carried out over two levels of specification. The first to provide quick noticeable results and the second to maintain these results.

The client went with these recomendations and is very pleased with the results.