Harlington Upper School

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Our bird control team have been busy at the Harlington Upper School, Duntstable in Bedfordshire ridding the site of feral pigeons.

  • Start Date: 28/02/2011
  • Site: Harlington Upper School Duntstable Bedfordshire

We are working with Galliford Try at this site.

We do not consider physical deterrents or proof measures as a viable solution at this site. The problem is the amount of suitable areas available. The reliance on proof measures alone in such circumstances results in the displacement of pigeons from one area to another on the same site without ever resolving the issue.

The remote location of the site with the presence of pigeons during the day suggests to me that food is available on site or likely to be found fairly close by. In locations where food is readily available close to the point where roosting is also occurring displacement over any real distant is extremely difficult.

Feral pigeons will put up with almost anything to remain in a location suitable for roosting as well as feeding and therefore to have any noticeable level of success with proofing out the problem then either the food source must be eliminated or all available roosting areas must be comprehensively proofed. In our opinion there is little chance of success on either of these two issues.

Our recommendations were designed to offer a preventative approach to this problem and provide ongoing control measures.

We are confident that an ongoing and partly preventative method of control involving falconry is the most suitable and likely to succeed.

This site was also visited by the Van Vynck Proofing and cleaning team Bird fouling presents a serious health risk to those working and studying within the school once the falcory treatment was up and running our team removed and disposed of the fouling treating all areas with the necessary biocides to make the site safe again.