Bird Control for Domino's

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Start Date: 20/06/2011, Site Address: Milton Keynes

  • Start Date: 20/06/2011
  • Site Address: Milton Keynes

The site has a abundance of features attractive to feral pigeons interms of evening and daytime roosting.

There is a food source present at this site including large amounts of dough being deposited in large skips and crumbs being spilled which in turn attracts pigeons to forage onsite. Also the busy loading areas have plenty of surface areas for roosting pigeons.

It is worth considering that even a small number of feral pigeons present on site with food available will breed at a prolific rate during and prolonged warm or dry spells boosting existing numbers at an extraordinary rate.

We have been using the Harris Hawk to deter pigeons on site and all is going well.